by C.

Let Them Be Little.
Jun 22

Let Them Be Little.




1. make or become different.

a simple definition.

something that i am going through. a verb that i have been afraid of my entire life. change. i hate it. i don’t like it. it’s not something that i take easily or like going through. whenever i HAVE to change, i’m usually pulling teeth. but right now, mentally and physically that is what i am going through. a change. i needed a fresh start. which is why i deleted my old tumblr which has documented my life for the past 5 years, the good, the bad, and the ugly. ¬†as cherish able as those memories are, i needed to forget. i’ll remember the ones worth remembering; they’re in my head. but for the rest, i will allow for it to dissolve in my memory and let it fade away.

let me clarify though, this is a good change. a great change. a change i needed to accept and needed to go through. i’m excited to share my life and journey with everyone again, and looking forward to being able to take a peek into your lives as well.

hello, i am back.

Apr 10